Half true dream better than nothing

Life is not a paradise for everyone of us and who says the says the opppsite he just lie on himself. In fact,  there are a lot of people who are suffering from a bunch of serious problems: sickness, lost of parents, lack of money..

But the majority of these people try to survive for the reason that they have no choice, also life is very hard and it doesn’t wait for no one.

For others, the obstacles they run into  of their way make them stronger and and even creators, so there are many concret examples as joulnar khaldi, a moroccan woman whose life didn’t turn out  the way she always dreamed and planned due to a curse which made of her world a continuous failures seeing that nothing worked for her neither study nor job in spite of attempts but the blockage prevented her to go ahead.

Even though, joulnar khaldi got to make the half dream to be a famous author and publish books true, just instead of books she published many articles in spanish,  in which tackled several subjects concerning moroccan gastronomy and women issues. She created a blog to share her writings with people who interested in as well.

Now, this woman has a reason to live for, moreover she feels herself useful regardless of daily suffering.


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